kitchen/dining room

Hi and welcome to Tip Tuesday by Basha by Seema ?

I hope to keep this up and share some of my insights every week. It may not always be decor or design related, but let’s see how it goes.

This week I’m sharing a rule of thumb I picked up while studying design RE: lighting in a dining/kitchen space.

The dining room or the kitchen is where you gather with loved ones, it’s a place of celebration, so make it stand out!

Lighting is key!! It’s the nucleus of that particular space, so have fun with it.

Few things to remember:

* Go big (make a statement)

* Place the fixture 34-38” off the top of the surface of the table (depending on the space)

* If your table is 30” high, then on average your light fixture should 66-68” off the floor.

* Don’t worry about hitting your head, you won’t! Good lighting in any dining space should be in your atmosphere to be appreciated while seated at the table.

* The magic number on average is 36”…work with that!