Hello and welcome to 2021!

Anyone else feeling more than ready to run into the new year? I had every intention of writing a year end edit on 2020, but then I pushed pause on that idea. I think the one thing we all have in common from this past year is that we are more resilient then we ever imagined we could be.

2020 was difficult on many levels and it forced my family to dig deep and change our mindset. We learned art of s l o w living and how to pivot when needed.

We were all at home together for months on end and yes it was hard. Did we survive? YES! Did we gain understanding and patience? YES! There were so many hidden blessings during this Pandemic, it would be unjust for me to list a only my complaints and not focus on some of the good things that came out of this for myself and my family.

This was the first year we didn’t travel anywhere for obvious reasons, and as much as I miss travel and adventure, I am so grateful for the safety and security we felt at home, something I know we took for granted.

We’re ready for 2021 and hoping and praying for all the positive vibes this year.

I’m not one to set resolutions for a new year, but rather focus on micro goals. Little steps lead to big changes…at least I hope so!

Wishing everyone and safe and healthy New Year…we got this!